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I'm Chuck and welcome to my web site, however inconsequential it may be. The intent of this web site and blog is to recommend thoughtful strategies for some of our nation's and the world's most pressing issues to my elected officials and other individuals who may be influential in sponsoring, participating or otherwise advancing change.


I hope to solicit the participation of interested people, collaborate on some of the difficult issues we collectively face, develop strategies which overcome formidable obstacles, recruit the people who can assist me with these strategies, implement the strategies, and continuously review and revise the strategies, people and implementation methods to succeed over time and better the world.


There is no partisan interest, commercial interest, political sponsorship or hidden agenda with this site or its extended community. There is only a genuine interest by myself and a group of diverse people with like-minded objectives willing to work together to advance mutual goals. The most challenging issues we collectively face are bi-partisan in nature so I strive for political neutrality. I recognize political neutrality is very difficult; particularly based on our life experiences.


I actively solicit and request the participation of any person who would like to collaborate on the ideas, analysis and recommendations made throughout this site. This web site is a think tank tool used to collaborate with activists, concerned citizens and community minded individuals who up for the challenge of bettering our world. This is truly an effort whereby the community advances with each participant's input. This forum actively leverages social media tools such as the Internet, social networks, community participation and user generated content. Please don't be intimated. Together we can absolutely change the world.







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world peace Threats To World Peace

Probability Scenarios

Darfur Continues Genocide (.88 confidence)


Iran Attacks Lebanon (.86)

China Attacks Taiwan (.68)


U.S. Attacks Iran (.34)


Russia Attacks Georgia (.31)
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A forum for producing thoughtful recommendations for the world's most difficult problems

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